In the new series called Clean it Up there are pieces of people that scatter and float in colorful voids like pieces of a puzzle seeking a unified form. In fact, the images are layers of edits; the perfected skin, eyes, lips and hair that turn a regular looking person into someone who resembles an elite model. Without the edits, there are flyaway hairs, wrinkles, pimples, imperfect makeup application and so on; realities that purveyors of high end fashion and beauty experts wish to ignore.
 The process of creating a portrait from pervisualization to finished print requires a series of decisions which constructs a fictional reality. Intensely editing a portrait is often described as "cleaning it up". Producing an illusion of perfection alters our internalized views. As a whole the images  look like partially constructed people, in transition, either forming or deconstructing into various parts. Desiree's inspirations for this series are collage, high end fashion and beauty portraits as well as traditional, 4 color printing techniques. 
ON VIEW NOW: Northwest Vista College in Palmetto Center for the Arts through February 2020
12 hand printed images made using the 4-Color Inversion Intaglio-Type printmaking process. 
This series, The Ephemeral Form uses images of women's bodies, decayed medieval panel paintings and anatomical etchings in the form of a collage. My intention is to create a dialogue between our bodies, ourselves and those who perceive us. 

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